White Lies – Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles 05/08/19

“It’s lovely to be back in Los Angeles,” said Harry McVeigh, lead singer of White Lies, whose band headlined a packed Fonda Theater Wednesday night. The London trio took to the stage to an eager crowd, many piling into the Hollywood venue promptly at 10 p.m. with beers in hand and White Lies t-shirts on, clearly ready for a mid-work week indie dance party.

They opened the show with Time to Give, a dreamy synth-pop banger that got a lot of heads moving. The pink and red soft lights swirled with the wailing lyrics, a bit reminiscent of those early Interpol records. Is My Love Enough? was another crowd favorite, it’s Beach House-like energy and steady groove sounding rock solid from bass player Charles Cave and drummer Jack Lawrence-Brown.  

white lies Fonda Los Angeles
Photo: Jordan Nicholson

The rest of the set included tracks like Tokyo and Morning in LA, which felt fitting and had a very “Venice Beach on a sunny day” kind of sound. I think it’s safe to say If these lads ever want to relocate to Los Angeles from London, they could have a solid residency at the Troubadour, just saying…


  • Time to Give
  • Farewell to the Fairground
  • There Goes Our Love Again
  • Is My Love Enough?
  • Getting Even
  • Unfinished Business
  • Jo?
  • Don’t Want to Feel It All
  • Take It Out on Me
  • Never Alone
  • Big TV
  • Kick Me
  • Death
  • Tokyo
  • To Lose My Life


  • Change
  • Fire and Wings
  • Morning in LA
  • Bigger Than Us

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