Tommy Ashby releases new video for Cocoon

Scottish singer-songwriter Tommy Ashby has just released a new video for the track Cocoon which is the first single from his Golden Arrow EP released on the 26th April 2019. Tommy has a PhD in the perception of sound. Which probably helps him understand the more technical aspects of how we as the listener process the music, as well as having the creative talent of someone who was brought up writing and playing music in Scotland.

Golden Arrow is his second EP after his previous release Restless Love gained the attention of Fearne Cotton, Radio 2 as well as being used on Netflix’s The Innocents and Grey’s Anatomy. This sort of support is nothing more than he deserves as Restless Love is a beautiful song which helps to showcase the rawness in his voice and lyrics.

Latest release Cocoon is another example of this as it is a beautiful yet haunting song that makes the listener question if life on the road without the stability of an everyday routine. Something that the majority of us probably take for granted. The power of his music is in the fact he voice is so strong, that it feels as though he is delivering the lyrics to each and everyone of us as an individual, rather than a collective audience. Cocoon would sound perfect as the accompaniment to the first dance at a wedding. Safe to say I love the song.

Tommy has previously supported the band Xcerts, singer-songwriter Josh Hyslop as well as tour with Sean McGowan and not forgetting a UK and European tour supporting Rhodes, Tom Speight and Nina Nesbitt. With the release of Cocoon, Tommy Ashby is a name I expect to hear more from in future as his music deserves a wider outlet.

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