Tom Hingley Band returns with new album.

The Inspiral Carpets frontman returns with his first album release with the Tom Hingley Band since 2013. 

New album I Love My Job will be released September 7th on New Memorabilia Records and follows his remarkable 2013 double album Sand and Paper and this latest release is an equally ambitious in both of vision and voice. Hingley encapsulates the spirit of political revolution, anger, and aggression that have formed the backdrop for him, and the UK over the last three years.

Getting it all of his chest, the record is very much a rejection and reaction to the status quo, with Hingley providing an unbridled outpouring of his own pure emotion and socio-political commentary of global issues, all wrapped up in 11 tracks of loquacious rock’n’roll….

On Nasty People Hingley et al, skewer the cowardly trolling culture that has become a feature of the internet age, whereas the recoil of Bullet is a revenge song that sees Hingley taking aim at the convicted paedophile and Lost Prophets frontman Ian Watkins along with those who abuse positions of power. Beggar’s Hand denounces the shameful homelessness epidemic plaguing the streets of Manchester under an austerity government, whereas White Sheep is a track for those who feel shut out of opportunity and oppressed by banking behemoths ‘too big to fail’ and privatized utility companies engaging in daily extortion of those in need.

The record also has a more personal element with Hingley addressing the emotional connections forged throughout his lifetime. Introduction chimes with bells to honour the many lost souls that have departed over the past few years, not least his own mother and sister-in-law who he also pays homage to on Black Light,

“Black Light is a harbinger of death” says Hingley, “a song of anger , humility and frustration and a reminder that the death of those around you will change you for ever”.

Elsewhere, the record explores his early influences with tracks like Toy tipping its hat to both Howlin Wolf’s Spoonful and The Sex Pistols’ Problems, whereas Beautiful Girl is a love song devoted to Hingley’s own daughter Mabel which sees Hingley wield the eternal feel-good qualities once harnessed by Manchester legends The Hollies along with a chorus redolent of the Small Faces’ Stevie Marriott for this beautiful and touching ode.
Reflecting on his own career, Glory Days is a reflection of the acid washed heyday of The Inspiral Carpets and the Manchester scene.

The record closes out with the oxymoronic opalescence of Shining for Somebody else. One last euphoric release, the song rips through with a devastating and perhaps often downplayed message about suicide and its temptations.

“It’s a song which conjures the elation that the suicide victim feels shortly before ending it all, when all the fear and anxiety has departed them. Bullsh*t elation. The idea was that this beautiful song would end the long player where we have learnt to love our job – the job in question now is of just staying alive.”

A record that is equally ambitious lyrically and musically, ‘I Love My Job’ sees the Tom Hingley Band drawing inspiration from an eclectic range of disparate sounds, from the thrash of metal-inspired guitars to the melancholic and melodic strings of Pete Whitfield (famed for his work with Tony Visconti). With a sonic tenacity to rival the bite of the lyrics, Toy and Beggars Hand serve-up visceral three-minute punk outbursts, whereas Prodigal Son is a Glam Rock stomper that truly puts the boot-in on a track doused in death and regret.

After the demise of the Inspirals and Lovers, the bands that have been synonymous with Tom, Hingley has always found himself feeling adrift without a band. For the making of ‘I Love My Job’, Hingley reached out to his loyal and esteemed colleagues – The Kar-Pets and The Tom Hingley Band rhythm section: Ste Pearce (Bass) and Malcolm Law (drums); surely the best men in the business to see his latest project over the line. Recorded and mixed together, the album was produced by Gary Hadfield at BluePrint Studios (who also masterminded production of the THB debut).

Speaking about the title and ethos of this new album, Hingley adds:

“I love my job, and that’s what motivated the writing recording and realisation of this album. I hope you love listening to it as much as I do making music, and making music the sound track to my life.”


Black Light
Glory Days
Beautiful Girl
Beggars Hand
Prodigal Son
Nasty People
White Sheep
Shining For Somebody Else

The Album can be ordered here from September 8th


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