Tiger Mimic release new single ‘I Took Off My Body’

Taken from their forthcoming EP, I Took Off My Body is the latest release from London via NYC quartet Tiger Mimic. Following on from previous singles Don’t Cover Up My Eyes and Elephant Skeleton, I Took Off My Body tells the tale of somebody stripping away their body layer by layer to find the person inside. A reproach on the world’s tendency to cast a superficial eye, I Took Off My Body’s soulful grove serves as further demonstration that Tiger Mimic are band brimming with ideas both lyrically and sonically.

Formed after vocalists Bram Johnson and Jess Rhodes met in New York playing for a different outfit, a vacation to London turned into an extended stay. Recruiting Bassist Ben Willis and Drummer George Latham, Tiger Mimic was born.

Linking up with Grammy Award winning producer Matt Lawrence, the band decamped to London’s Livingstone Studios to record their debut 5-Track EP set for release January 18th.

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Photo: Alan Wells

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