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The Charlatans – Teragram Ballroom, Los Angeles

“I feel a bit spaced out,” said Tim Burgess, frontman of the The Charlatans at the Teragram Ballroom Friday night. “It’s a bit spacey.” He smiles and takes out his phone to film the audience.

The legendary Madchester group stopped through Los Angeles as part of their North American tour, bringing along Manchester-based group The Winachi Tribe, whose Happy Mondays-esque melodies really got the room dancing before the main act started.

“This beautiful time capsule,” said Burgess as the band kicked off that familiar roaring piano solo on One To Another and brought everyone’s hands up. The room was buzzing with excitement, some nostalgia and an impressive amount of gin and tonics.

The set flowed with energy and charm, Burgess dancing along the edges of the stage, interacting with fans and snapping photos while leading the audience into classics like North Country Boy, The Only One I Know and Blackened Blue Eyes.

“This song is called Tellin’ Stories,” said Burgess. “Wait no, that’s not right, this is Blackened Blue Eyes.” He smiles and takes a look at the setlist taped to the floor, just in case.The band also paid tribute to former drummer Jon Brookes who passed away in 2013. Friday would have been his 49th birthday.

The band were all smiles during the entire gig and it was clear that after all the years, music and its raw energy still drive them to play their music around the world, which in turn is keeping the Britpop spirit alive – thank goodness.

Review: Jordan Nicholson

Set List:

Totally Eclipsing
One To Another
Not Forgotten
Different Days
Plastic Machinery
Talking In Tones
Just When You’re Thinkin’ Things Over
Good Times
Tall Grass
North Country Boy
Over Rising
The Only One I Know
Come Home Baby


Blackened Blue Eyes
Tellin’ Stories
Sproston Green

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Jordan Nicholson
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