The Blood Choir – Dartmoor EP: Review

The ‘Dartmoor’ EP by The Blood Choir is their forthcoming release on March 1st, but there is plenty of history behind it, giving it a mystical reputation with fans who have never been able to get their hands on it via official sources until now.

This quartet of tracks recorded between 2007-2009, have now been remixed and given a sonic sparkle before being unveiled to a hungry cult audience. The only way you would have these songs, is being a friend of the band, many of whom were given copies, but how many of these still exist is a mystery in itself.

The Blood Choir

‘Dartmoor’ is a four song collection, with a fragility and beauty that could break your heart, I mean that as a recommendation, in case you wonder. The title track begs to journey ‘Into your love affair, away from here and the darkness that I fear.’, which  pleads with great longing in a similar way to early Bright Eyes. ‘Script Girl’ is even more open, referring to the girl ‘who was the greatest love in the whole world’ – the important part of this lyric is the past tense. This is a mournful lament of slow piano and lyrics of loss and remembrance. Brilliant.

Another influence is revealed by the welcome inclusion of ‘Black Eyed Dog’, one of Nick Drake’s most haunting moments, he is definitely a sign posted influence on the original tracks here and this is a wonderful cover that knows what the original did best and adds a little fire of its own.

‘Lay With Me Awhile’, whilst in keeping with the delicate sound of the rest of the EP, ends things in a more positive place, where ‘we can stay, beyond the earth, beyond the grave.’, hang on, is that positive? I guess it depends on your perspective, the works here do not present you with distinct and final answers, listeners will find their own highs and lows in the lyrics here which is a great strength of the Dartmoor EP and I suggest picking it up or grabbing it on streaming services on March 1st.

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