Steve Mason new single Walking Away From Love

Walking Away From Love is the second single from Steve Mason’s forthcoming new album About The Light, set for release Friday January 18th 2019 on Double Six. Following previous single Stars Around My Heart, Walking Away From Love has a classic, R&B guitar riff and soulful, harmonized vocals.

About The Light will be the fourth solo album from Steve Mason. While Steve mostly wrote 2010’s Boys Outside, 2013’s Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time and 2016’s Meet The Humans alone. However, About The Light marks a change in approach for Steve.

“I decided with this album that I wanted to get my live band involved at every stage because I wanted to capture the energy that we produce when we play live shows, so this time the band and myself worked on a collection of songs over the course of last year,”

Steve selected former The Smiths producer Stephen Street to helm the record. With a clear objective to capture the songs live and draw out their soulful elements, the album was recorded at studios in London and Brighton. About The Light sees a subtle yet noticeable evolution in Steve’s sound. Speaking on the album’s process, Steve said:

“When I listen to this album it feels and sounds like the first ‘legitimate’ record that I have ever made. It’s hard to explain but it sounds like a ‘real’ album. I think that is partly the production, the playing and the work that I did with the band for all those months in our rehearsal room on the South Coast. It’s a beautiful, confident, positive, angry, loving and gentle album which once again moves what I do forward. David Bowie said that you should always be slightly out of your comfort zone if you want to achieve greatness, and for the first time perhaps ever, I deliberately pushed myself into that place. Who doesn’t want greatness?”

UK pre-orders of About The Light come with an exclusive UK ticket pre-sale code for Mason’s upcoming UK tour dates.

About The Light is available on CD, vinyl and digital. You can pre-order exclusive formats of the album HERE and via Dom Mart HERE.

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