Sleeper – The Modern Age

With the 90s seemingly back in vogue, Sleeper return with their first album in 21 years, The Modern Age. With songs like Paradise Waiting, Look At You Now, The Sun Also Rises among my personal highlights on the album, it would be fair to say Sleeper have managed to retain and capture what it was that made them such a great band back in the Britpop heyday.

Sleeper are Louise Wener (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Jon Stewart (Lead Guitar), Andy Maclure (Drums), and Kieron Pepper (Bass Guitar). The band formed in 1993 and would go onto have 8 UK top 40 hit singles as well as 3 top 10 albums before their split in 1998. I am a lover of all types of music yet the one genre I always seem to return to is Britpop. Which is a bit odd considering I was only born at the height of it. Despite what people say about the era being contrived, I love the music from that era and Sale of The Century is one of my favourite songs. Even after all this time it is great to see that Sleeper have managed to continue where they left off.

I am a huge fan of Louise Wener’s voice and feel this album has been well worth the wait for anyone that was there the first time around. Or for people that are just getting to know the band, as this album helps people discover just what Sleeper are about. After listener hears The Modern Age, they will want to discover Sleeper’s previous work. All the songs on the album justify their place on the record. It is not just a case of three or four good songs and the rest have been added to create an album and continue on a band’s legacy from the past.

The Modern Age is an album that some people probably even just a few years ago thought would never get made as Sleeper only reformed in 2017. But I am glad it has, as it is an enjoyable album with songs that look back as well as look to the future in this modern age. The Modern Age is a good album, I just hope it is not another 21 years to wait on the next one.

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