Silent Forum release third single ‘Safety In Numbers’

Cardiff based Post-Punk/ New Wave band Silent Forum return with their latest single Safety In Numbers which is released on May 10th by Libertino Records.  Safety In Numbers is all about looking after the ones closest to you and given the title means the listener is in for a more reflective song than you may think when you first hear the record.

The single has a constant drum beat going through which helps to build to the finish which will leave the listener with the chorus in your head for a while after the record is finished. And if nothing else, it is an effective way for the listener to remember your record.

The lyric which sticks out for me is “I’m only looking for security”. Regardless of circumstance or background, that want for security, a knowing that everything will be alright in the end and that someone will always be there for you, be it family or friends is something every single one of us is looking for.

Safety In Numbers is a rather clever track when you look deeper into it, as it is asking questions with a universal theme about friendship. As well as looking out for one and other. Even though there are still places around the country where people will look out for each other, as whole we seem to have lost that sense of community we once had. This record is all about asking the question of community and remembering the importance of friendship as we can all be guilty of taking that for granted is busy world of the 21st Century.

For me to connect with a record I have got to believe in what an artist is saying and that they have something different and real to say as well as doing it in an intelligent and entertaining way. And for me, Silent Forum does that with Safety In Numbers as it leaves you wondering if all the advances in technology and how you can talk to someone in, let’s say Australia instantly is really worth it. If the expense is loosing the sense of what is real and the importance of friendship and community. With this record Silent Forum manages to make the listener question all that in a positive and engaging manner. And that can only be a good thing.

If Safety In Numbers is anything to go by we should all be singing the praises of Silent Forum for creating this reflective hymn like record about things that really matter such as friendship and community and how if we lose these key things, society will be a poorer place for it, so all kudos to them for shining a light on these important things.

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