Album Review: Satellite Stories – Cut Out The Lights

Every now and again at The Grey Lantern, we can be hoisted by our own editorial petard. But for those that are uninitiated to Finland’s biggest Indie band Satellite Stories, if we’d have said they hail from Belfast, Edinburgh or Longsight, Manchester, you’d have little reason to doubt us. They deal in the uplifting, melodic indie pop that’s a cornerstone of the UK scene, but with a sound that’s bathed in nineteen hours of Finnish Summer sunshine.

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However, if you are uninitiated, you’ll be saddened to hear Cut Out The Lights is the fifth and final album from the band. After 10 years, 5 albums, 60 million streams and over 300 headline shows, in no less than 17 countries spanning 3 continents, they’re calling it a day. No fall outs, no musical differences, just a collective decision to draw the curtain on an impressive career. Without a doubt, the aptly named Cut Out The Lights sees the quartet of Esa Mankinen (Vocals, Guitar) Marko Heikkinen (Lead Guitar) Jyri Pesonen (Bass) and O-P Ervasti, (Drums) go out with satisfying bang.

Cut Out The Lights consists of 10 well crafted, catchy, feel good tracks that don’t relent for a moment. Every one of them could easily be a single and eclipses the output of a lot of bands in the genre. Album opener Green River is a wonderfully produced, sub – 4 minute, radio friendly, statement of intent that brims with vocal hooks and bright guitars. Previous single release Coupons together with Wild Wind and Carried Away are lush with synths, infectious choruses and indelible guitar riffs that make them guaranteed earworms. The pace is eased ever so slightly for Sunglasses, Mercury and Cut Out The Lights. While no less pleasing than other tracks, they give the other flat-out bangers on the record space to breath and shine. The sunshine anthemicness of the album then reprises. Seeing us out with Maraschino and the superb curtain call of Alone In Eldorado.

Cut Out The Lights is a pure joy to listen to from start to finish (no pun intended). The quality of self production on this record could well signal a new career for the band after retiring from the limelight. It brims with positivity and bright, shimmering guitars that will be an instant favorite amongst fans of Two Door Cinema Club, Young The Giant and Phoenix. Apart from their farewell tour that unfortunately doesn’t take in the US, it’s sad that this album is the last we’ll hear from Satellite Stories. However, it’s one that will no doubt win a horde of new fans while giving them a launchpad to discover their gilt edged back catalogue.

Cut Out The Lights is released September 7 and can be Pre-Ordered here.

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