Saint Etienne – The Fonda, Los Angeles

“My mum is here,” said Sarah Cracknell, lead vocalist of UK band Saint Etienne. “If you see her, give her a hug.”

It was dreamy French photography, a lot of red lighting and a melodica that gave the Fonda Theater its cozy atmosphere Sunday night as Saint Etienne took to the stage. 

Cracknell, donning a feather boa, crooned her way through tracks like Goodnight Jack and Split Screen and also a newer, dancey track Dive. The theater hosted the dance-pop trio as they tour their 20th Anniversary album Good Humor and the obvious reminiscing energy from the audience seemed to spill over into the charming banter in-between songs. 

“This song is about a man who clocks off early, gets home and then sees his wife’s silhouette in the window with another man,” Cracknell says smiling, “Try not to cry during this song.”

The band heads straight into Postman and every thirty-something in the crowd began to sway and vibe out, making it feel like some secret little swinging London club, which is nice to find on Hollywood Boulevard.

This was a comparatively shorter set than had been played out a previous dates on the tour. However, when your Mum is in town on a Sunday, what else can you do?

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