Rosalie Cunningham to release self titled solo album July 5th

You might not know the name Rosalie Cunningham, but you should remember her voice from her excellent vocals for the band Purson, a glorious Heart/Jefferson Airplance/Curved Air collective who found themselves at home on alternative radio and classic rock stations.

Since the band came to an end (thus ending the nightmare of sub editors everywhere. ‘Purson? With a U?’ ‘Yep’) Rosalie has been working on some solo magic and now she is ready to unleash her album into the world with the release of her self-titled solo album set to arrive on July 5th. The album promises drama and character galore, with driving rock and theatre coming together in the spirit of the classic rock bands of yore with that voice floating, occasionally punching, over the top.

Rosalie Cunningham, the album, will be available on CD, streaming and perhaps its most natural home, 180 gram vinyl.

Track List:

  • Ride On My Bike
  • Fck Love
  • House Of The Glass Red
  • Dethroning Of The Party Queen
  • Nobody Hears
  • Riddles And Games
  • Butterflies
  • A Yarn From The Wheel

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