New Single from Me & My Friends – You Read My Mind

New single You Read My Mind from Me and My Friends is the second release from their forthcoming album Look Up. Playing an infectious blend of Soul, Lover’s Rock, Ghanaian highlife, Jamaican roots and Afro-Brazilian folk. The quintet’s sound is timeless, energetic and instantly recognizable.

You Read My Mind is a jumping tribute to vintage Ghanaian highlife greats such as Pat Thomas, Ebo Taylor and K. Frimpong. An exploration of rhythmic and melodic ideas over a modal theme. You Read My Mind is built around an exquisite plucked cello solo, slowly building into a euphoric crescendo. Guitarist and songwriter Nick Rasle said of the track:

‘We had been toying with using plucked cello as a lead line for a while, as we felt it’s such an underused texture – more melodic than the double bass, and more meaty than the violin or viola. As we played the groove, more and more ideas kept coming to Emma, so we decided to make it the focus for the track, and place it centre-stage’.

Since releasing their critically acclaimed second album Hide Your Way in 2016, Me and My Friends have been busy touring the UK. However, they still managed to head to Henwood studios to record Look Up. Which will be released December 6th on Split Shift Records. You can Pre-Order the album here.

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