Moontwin hit the Brakes with a new single

Moontwin present you with a dreamy voice, the kind of which most bands would kill for, but be careful people, there is danger behind the beauty, the almighty rhythms of Zac Kuzmanov bring an essence of Nine Inch Nails into the mix, or The Brian Johnstown Massacre if you prefer.

Brakes is a thunderous single, like the sound of one of those old American trains the hobos used to ride and you are right there listening to Bee’s story of desire, feeling the constant rumble beneath you. “Every tear drop I never cried, I pledged to you the same.“, what a fantastic line, what a fantastic track.

The magic of Moontwin is that even though they sound so together, they are quite literally miles apart. The tracks are created via videophone and Bee and Kuzmanov are separated by 1700 miles. And yet, this is a concise, perfectly formed pop song that spunds like it was recorded in a tiny New York punk scene garage, with the participants on fire as they create magic. The irony that this excellent duo are not even with each other on the track blows my mind, get Brakes, make them famous, get them money, let’s see what happens if these greats are at Abbey Road, eh? Or would that dilute the hunger? So many questions and the only answer is to press play and give Brakes another listen. And another one, and another one.

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