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Moontwin release The Storm


It seems Moontwin just can’t stop knocking it right out of the park at the moment. September 16th sees the duo of Maple Bee and Zac Kuzmanov release their haunting new single The Storm. Marking their fifth single in five months, it raises the questions, are they are sitting on a arsenal of great material they’re metering out to us? Or have they struck a rich seam of prolific creativity? Fortunately, we managed to find the answers to these questions when we caught up with Moontwin for an interview.

The Storm has a deep, stalking beat to which Kuzmanov’s grizzled vocals and Bee’s honeyed voice paint a darkly atmospheric scene. The dense vocal melodies that Moontwin are so consummate in crafting are once again at the forefront of this track. So adept at using the perfect amount of light and shade in their music, The Storm has a claustrophobic feel that never threatens to suffocate.

Accompanied by a self created video, The Storm is further testament to the chemistry and creativity of Moontwin.  Who manage to create a magnificently compact sound that’s steeped in tension, despite being nearly 2000 miles apart.

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