Moontwin new single – Never In The Same Worlds

Never in The Same Worlds, the new single from Moontwin, once again illustrates their deft touch of creating music that is the unity of opposites. Created by a duo that are at least never in the same country, Maple Bee and Zac Kuzmanov create together in virtual space between their respective bases in London and Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Making music that exists within a field of tension, dependent on the co-existence of light and dark. Never in The Same Worlds creates rumbling backdrop where melodies and modulation nourish compact layers of vocals.

Accompanied by a kaleidoscopic video, the duo create their visuals in the same collaborative manner. We recently spoke to Moontwin about their creative process. With Maple Bee saying:

“One thing that is very important for us however, is that all the videos and everything that we’re doing, we’re just doing ourselves. There’s no one else really involved. It has to be so DIY and it has to be really simple. I think that’s given us the opportunity to do things in a way that’s not over thought out and subconscious.”

Zac adds:

“Normally Maple comes up with the crazy ideas and visuals and I’m the chop and paste guy. I’m the tech side.”

Never In The Same Worlds by Moontwin is out now.

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