Lyerr – The Roxy, Hollywood 5/27/19

Manchester’s Lyerr made their way across the Atlantic to play their first Stateside show at The Roxy, Los Angeles on Memorial Day Monday. Presented by Virgin Atlantic, the Airline chose the best new band from the city of Manchester to play in Los Angeles in order to celebrate the opening of their new direct flight route between the two cities. With Manchester currently exploding with new talent on a scale not seen since the mid-90’s, Lyerr beat off some heavyweight competition in order to take the crown in a Battle of the Bands.

Last year saw the band release their massively anthemic single Taking Over and play shows with The Blinders, Hockey Dad and Strangebones. Together with a festival appearance at Blackthorn alongside Pete Doherty, Sugar Hill Gang and Peter Hook.

“We believe our songs are good enough, but it’s nice to know that other people believe that too.”

Ryan Johnson

Taking to the legendary stage that has hosted amongst others Guns N’ Roses, Neil Young and Ramones, Lyerr demonstrated their live chops with an impressive and enjoyable performance. With a growing bank of tunes that are catchy and energetic with an indelible Northern streak, the set took in tracks from their In Principo EP, latest single Fun To Lie as well as running out as of yet, unrecorded material.

Catching up with the band for a quick post gig chat, we asked how if felt for a band that only played their first London show a few weeks ago, how it felt to be hitting the Hollywood stage. “We feel ecstatic! Bands like The 1975 who are massive played here only a few weeks ago. When you google the place and find out the list of people that have played here, it’s unbelievable” Drummer James Kershaw explained. With Bass player Rory Magner adding “We’ve not even played Birmingham yet”

Playing their first US show aside, it must surely be a proud moment for them being selected out of a strong field in the first place. “We believe our songs are good enough, but it’s nice to know that other people believe that too.” Singer and Guitarist Ryan Johnson told us. “As our songs now become second nature we can work on our stage presence a lot more. The more we do it, the more we sink into it and it feels more natural”. “It’s just been nice to have a bigger stage tonight.” added Rory. “Normally we can’t move around much incase we bang into each other. It’s like a game of chess throughout the gig.”

So what does the near future hold for Lyerr? We asked about their immediate plans. “We’re here until Friday so it gives us a chance to look around L.A. So far everything has been about today, but now we’ve got a chance to chill out.” said Ryan. “It reminds me of playing Grand Theft Auto being here”. Added Rory, while for James “It just makes me feel like I need to go to the gym more! Dust off the old weights”

Ryan explained in the longer term “When we get home, we’re going to head down to where we record in Wolverhampton and get our next tune down over the summer. Hopefully get a big release coming out of that and see where that takes us.”

Hopefully it won’t be long before Lyerr are back playing stateside. Or even Birmingham…

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