Listen to Generation Y, the new single from Guide Dog

Generation Y by Guide Dog is the latest single to be released from the band’s second album which is also entitled Generation Y. Guide Dog are Peter Roberts (Vocals/Guitar) John Maloney (Drums) and Ian Russell (Bass).  

Generation Y comes at a time when the world seems to be a very uncertain place. A time when no one really knows what is going on and people seem more divided than ever. It always seems that the younger generations (millennials) get the blame.  Let’s not forget they are the self-obsessed, do not give a damn generation. Or that is what the media would like us all to believe. 

It is easy to see the Y Generation as only interested in being famous for famous sake. Yet let’s remember that only a couple of weeks ago, school children were in the news for bunking off school to protest at the government’s handling of climate change. Which is a bit funny when you consider this generation do not give a damn about the big stuff.

The lyrics of the record describes a generation that does actually care, yet are perceived by the media as only caring about the stupid/meaningless stuff. Take the lyrics,  ‘I feel disconnected so I bought a new telephone, got a payment plan and a fake sun tan, some health and safety regulations but I just can’t relax‘ perfectly describe how the media likes to show this generation out to be, which in a lot of cases is just nonsense. 

In someways this is a song that is needed in the current climate as it sounds just like a standard song yet when you look at the lyrics of the record, the message is clear. Yes there are idiots, but don’t say this generation doesn’t care because we do. It is just easier for the media to make out generation Y only cares about their mobiles and likes/retweets.

Guide Dog’s second album is being released alongside with a book of poems called Thou Shalt Stare Into Space which is a practically good title given the climate for everything being faster than ever before and people expecting things done five minutes before it was meant to be.

The album is released on Pete’s own label – HiVis Records. 

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