Life At The Arcade return with new single ‘Tabloids’

Life At The Arcade are a 4 piece from Liverpool, consisting of Paddy Clegg (Vocals & Guitar) Adam Holmes (Lead Guitar) Paul Crilly (Drums) Ben Truman (Bass). With new single Tabloids you can tell like the majority of the people in the UK, they are sick of the half truths and lies which News Organizations can feed the public. The lyrics ‘the truth will force its way to the light’ sums this culture up perfectly, as well as the fakeness that surrounds the tabloid media.

The media & the news has always fascinated me ever since I was little however, growing up you become more aware of how easily brain washed or led to believe into something which may not necessarily be even true

Paddy Clegg

I am lover of all types of music. Yet if I am going to be really interested in a band/musician, I have got to believe that there is a realness to what they are saying their lyrics. With Life At The Arcade’s Tabloids that is exactly what you get.

The song is upbeat and makes the listener feel good yet at the same time makes them think about what they are really being sold as the truth by the media and all the bullshit that goes along with it. In a time of ‘fake news’ this song could not be released at a better time. It is a great song but there is also an important message within. Do not always believe what you hear from the media/news outlets and organizations. Especially the tabloid side of this industry. As what they say and what is the truth can be two very different things indeed.

Tabloids is a great song and could not be more relevant if it tried. If you listen to the track and like what you hear the band are going on a UK Tour which is aptly named the Fake News tour.

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