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Let’s Eat Grandma – Moroccan Lounge, Los Angeles

The Moroccan Lounge was the venue for this L.A. leg of Let’s Eat Grandma’s world tour.  If you don’t know the place, whatever image you have in your mind of the Moroccan Lounge, yeah, that’s probably it. Incongruous against the pagoda roofs of Downtown Little Tokyo, the Riad style building was sold out for tonight’s show.

Support came from a great set by Odetta Hartman. She was not only brilliant technically, but affable and her passion for what she does was evident. It’s great to have a support act that contrasts so well with the headliner. So many shows end up being main act lite.

The drummer struck up the beat as Let’s Eat Grandma took the stage to the sounds of Whitewater. Launching into Hot Pink, there is a musical tightness with these two that only comes from long friendship. The performance is faultless both vocally and musically. For an act so tender of age, they display an impressive level of stagecraft and effortlessly switch between instruments while cueing midi.

They announce Its Not Just Me as a song they wrote with SOPHIE the last time they were in L.A. This will be one of only two times they spoke during the entire set. Inter-song banter was nonexistent. Instead, letting their music do the talking. However, when the applause died down, the audience was captivated in anticipatory silence. You could hear a pin drop. Or more accurately, an empty beer can. It was insane that you could hear it drop and roll in a sold out venue.  It can sometimes feel when a band doesn’t engage in audience chat, it’s a little impersonal. If you felt that, Jenny rushing off the stage to dance with the crowd during the opus of Donnie Darko would dispel that feeling. While Rosa, invited their tour driver Ashley to dance on stage in what would be the second time they spoke. All just adding to an air of mystery around the pair.

Leaving the stage for the briefest of moments, they returned for an encore of Deep Six Textbook before silently waving goodbye. As the notoriously hard to please Los Angeles crowd filed out, the air buzzed with plaudits and predictions of a massive future for these two.

With such a massive future in front of them, I get the feeling this tour will be the last time you’ll get to see Let’s Eat Grandma on a stage this size. If they are playing near you on this tour, go see them. If they aren’t, just get there by any means possible.

Set List

Hot Pink
It’s Not Just Me
Falling Into Me
I Will Be Waiting
Cool & Collected
Donnie Darko


Deep Six Textbook

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Dave Simpson
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