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Kramies – Of All the Places Been & Everything the End EP

Kramies all the places been

Denver based Dutch American singer-songwriter Kramies has released his new EP Of All the Places Been & Everything the End. Produced-by and featuring Jason Lytle of Grandaddy, Everything The End is an entrancing, romantic voyage of melancholic dreams. This journey begins with gothic organs and off kitter chords casting their eerie shadow, in The Woods, The Storm, The Tale. This short interlude bringing us into All The Places Been. Reverb heavy guitar and Kramies’ choral voice carry us through the 1:40 introduction which feels wonderfully compact.  Before it breaks open to a dawn where dark clouds still linger.

The eight minuite epic Ireland is the centrepeice this EP is built around. The writing process for these songs began while Kramies was residing in the grounds of an Irish castle. Returning home, he enlisted the help of producers Jason Lytle of Grandaddy, Todd Tobias (Guided by Voices) and Jerry Becker of Train. Speaking about the process, Kramies said:

“Working creatively with others has never been something I’ve pushed towards since I’ve always felt I was a loner in this, but I realized that having the right producers was the key to helping me make the best vision of this experience come alive. Jason Lytle of Grandaddy, Jerry Becker of Train and Todd Tobias Of Guided by Voices as well as guitarist and synth player David Goodheim all joined on to help me make one of my most fairytale albums yet. I’m mostly used to playing all the tracks but what all these guys added to the EP was beyond my imagination… Of All the Places Been & Everything the End will always be my most favorite and memorable adventure.”

 kramiesThe Writings takes us on a bridge of piano and harpsichord to the folksy guitar of Everything The End. However Kramies sublime talent for changing the mood of his sound with the faintest of touches reminds you to look over your shoulder. This enchanting yet unearthly tale of time and loss is also one of optimistic imagination.

Finally comig in from the cold with The Hill Dweller, Kramies declares himself at home and at peace as strings slowly build to reach a cinematic climax.  This EP is a mini opus akin to Mercury Rev’s Deserter’s Songs and one that feels remarkably tight. Never drifting away into the self-indulgent. An impressive piece of work, this collection of songs is the perfect way to soundtrack the long winter nights.

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