Kettle of Kites release new video for Oliver

Kettle Of Kites have released a cold and memorable video for their new song Oliver. As soon as you see the shapes spinning and hear the fragile voice kick in, you might think of classic science fiction – this could easily have soundtracked a scene in 2001, it whispers ‘isolation’ through its chilling refrain. In fact, the band based the song on the classic works of Asimov – Oliver is a super intelligent AI who/that appears in some of the author’s finest works.  In keeping with this idea, the video is based upon the work of famous mathematician Michele Emmer and the images go perfectly with the Kubrickian sound.

Watch for an album from Kettle Of Kites touching down on October 11th, entitled Arrows and featuring many more explorations of space and time. The perfect soundtrack for your own personal TARDIS, I’d say.

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