Jolé releases video for single Seldom Seen

Seldom Seen is the latest single release from Jolé, the nom de guerre of London-based singer-songwriter Josh Oliver. With gossamer guitars and a gentle vocal that’s, just the right side of Chris Martin, Seldom Seen expertly fuses delicate elements like musical filagree.

“Seldom Seen is written about getting lost in thought, daydreaming to get away from the busyness of everyday life. It’s about taking yourself away to a moment of serenity where you can be quiet for a while and to wonder whether it’s possible to always be in this state of mind.”

After spending five years in Brighton playing in various touring bands, but now residing permanently in London. Josh is using the solo project of Jolé to taps into the music he grew up with, a mixture of Van Morrison, The Beach Boys and Coldplay, resulting in his heartfelt, soothing and joyful sound.

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