Johnny Marr : Teragram Ballroom, Los Angeles – 6th June

“We played here last night,” said Johnny Marr at his second sold-out show at Teragram Ballroom on Wednesday, “It was shit.”

He plucks a string and smiles, delivering a hypnotic riff, heading right into the storm that is Bigmouth Strikes Again. Smiths and Marr fans alike couldn’t help but sway, arms raised, to the classic Smiths tunes, as well as to Marr’s solo numbers, which are infused with his classic “Marr” bright guitar sound; the reason fans love him.

Photo: Jordan Nicholson

He kicked off the night with The Tracers, a dancey new track off his upcoming third solo album Call the Comet, out June 15. He sailed through the night with a clear sense of ease, peppering his set with solo hits like Hi Hello and Bug while interacting with fans and filling the space with colorful, spacey riffs. By the time Headmaster Ritual came around the show was in full swing, everyone vibing out in a happy daze. At one point during the show Marr jokingly took requests from the audience, with one fan yelling Steve Miller Band of all things. “We come out here, what is it 2018? From Manchester, England, the dude who invented indie rock and you shout Steve Miller Band?” He smiles. Safe to say it was a hard pass.

“Normally when we play here in California, we just smell pot – I was getting so paranoid over there” joked Marr before heading into How Soon Is Now?, a true crowd pleaser, bringing the energy in the room to its peak and reminding us why Marr is still one of the greats, with his ability to deliver those softer cosmic pop sounds while intertwining harder rock melodies. It was truly a whimsical walk down memory lane.

Call the Comet is out June 15.

Set List: 

1- The Tracers

2- Bigmouth Strikes Again

3- Jeopardy

4- Day In Day Out

5- New Dominions

6- Hi Hello

7- Headmaster Ritual

8- Walk into the Sea

9- Getting Away With It

10- Bug

11- Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

12- Easy Money

13- Boys Get Straight

14- There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

15- Actor Attractor


16- Please, Please, Please (Let Me Get What I Want)

17- How Soon Is Now?

18- Rise

19- You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Baby


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