Johnny Lloyd new single ‘I Need Help’

Johnny Lloyd, former frontman of the band Tribes and is set to release his debut album Next Episode Starts In 15 Seconds on 3rd May, and if his latest single I Need Help from the album is anything to go by, Listeners are in for a treat as I Need Help is an honest song written with a lot of heart. Which Showcases the feelings of losing yourself and trying to reconnect and find yourself. Which is something we could probably all relate to at some point in our life.

There is a rawness to his lyrics as he discusses ‘I need help, trying to be myself’ which many people could identify with, as we live in a society that is all about fitting in and ‘being normal’ not mattering if you lose yourself in the process. ‘A hole in my chest. I’m not looking my best‘ is such a heartbreakingly honest lyric which the listener can probably relate to, as we have all felt that feeling of nothingness/emptiness at some point.  

I Need Help is a great record, yet what I love about it is the honesty which shines throughout. As I know from my own personal experiences, those feelings of being lost, not knowing what to do next and the despair that can bring, all you can do is continue to fight these demons on a daily basis, no matter how hard it can be at times.  

There is a melancholic feel to the record that will leave the listener wanting more and being stunned by the honesty in Johnny’s lyrics and his lyrics help to showcase his talent as a musician/songwriter. Johnny Lloyd’s debut album Next Episode Starts In 15 Seconds has appearances from Frank Turner, Hugo White (The Maccabees) and Adam Prendergast of Harry Styles’ band. 

Johnny Lloyd releases his debut solo album Next Episode Starts In 15 Seconds on May 3rd via Xtra Mile Recordings and can be Pre-Ordered here.

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