Henge have landed!! – New single Indigo Dust

What do you mean, you’ve never heard Cosmic Dross?? Henge have landed among us and released new single Indigo Dust. Henge are a band of intergalactic ravers currently based in Manchester who bring to earth the sound of Cosmic Dross. A genre characterized by the thundering drums of NOM, an amphibious creature from the Sirius Star System.  The garment-rending bass frequencies of GOO, the last surviving Venusian. Together with the whacked-out synths of the band’s only human, GROK. Over which, the band’s founder, ZPOR, sings of his space travels and evokes a joyous celebration of life.

Merging elements of electronic dance music, prog rock and, psychedelia , Henge released Cosmic Dross in July of last year on Love Love Records. A five track EP of electronic madness so unique and captivating that it firmly cemented their reputation with the alternative festival community.

Proving popular with a variety of audiences, Henge throw their own wild, sci-fi themed raves, a night called Space Cassette along with Age of Glass. With a string of impressive festival appearances, under their belt. Such as Womad, Boomtown, Bestival and Fusion to name a few. They also curate a Space Cassette takeover at Bluedot festival each year and as demand for their lively, colorful show has increased amongst more family-oriented festivals they have responded by hosting hugely popular matinee shows so that their younger fans can attend.

Henge’s first full-length album Attention Earth is released on October 19th 2018 is a mind blowing piece that will change the future of earth.

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