Hayden Thorpe – Diviner

It seems that Hayden Thorpe is singing to God, about God or about being God in his latest album, the saintly Diviner. Lyrics like “If you must crusade, don’t do so in my name” will lead to that conclusion.  Its simple melodies highlight the singer’s angsty falsetto, but you want to tap your toes and shake your hips to lyrics that suggest a man on edge. Anyway you slice it, Diviner is a damn fine listen. Especially if you’re holding hands with someone you love.

At times purely romantic, Anywhen comes to mind, and others painfully introspective, Straight Lines is sexy example, the man sings about life on a visceral and a personal level and the musical accompaniment is somber and sweet, with a little punch but highly restrained. Soulful is an understatement. The title track Diviner and songs like Stop Motion, thrive on their own but what’s nice about this journey is that we can start at the beginning and come back around again. A great album to listen to on a road trip at night with the windows down.

Hayden Thorpe wild beasts solo single diviner
Photo: Oliver Chanarin

Diviner is out now on Domino Records and can be purchased on Deluxe LP, CD and Digital

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