haarm better friend video

The title track from their surprise EP released back in September, Better Friend has received the video treatment from acclaimed LA-based Director Daniel Fitzsimmons. Perhaps best known for his scintillating sci-fi thriller Native (2016).

While filming in Ireland in 2018, Fitzsimmons, a self-proclaimed fan of the band’s work to date, approached HAARM out of the blue asking if he could produce their next video.  Immediately drawn-in by tragedy and potency laid out in the track’s visceral lyrics, Fitzsimmons felt inspired to construct the dark and dystopian choreography of this striking accompanying video.

Shedding further light on the making-of the video and symbolism coursing through it, HAARM frontman Chris Macintosh states

“Dan [Fitzsimmons] was quite keen from the off to use dance and choreography in some form. After I’d sent him the lyrics to the song, which are all about a good friend of mine who tragically took his own life a few years ago, incredibly young. The dancers in the video represent torment, pain and pressure. The stuff that just being alive in this world is struggled with on a daily basis by so many young people. The choreography reflects that faceless pain.  The dancers in the video were all on loan from Edge Hill University and were so, so good. Incredibly patient and incredibly talented and also incredibly young – most of them were in their first and second years of university.”

Released in September 2018, HAARM’s Better Friend EP holds four tracks of towering synth hooks and dark, mellifluous melody. Forged in tragic circumstances. Better Friend and Can We Keep The Light On? in particular are both about the loss of two friends of the band.  The EP also features a cover of Everything Everything’s I Believe It Now, now recognizable to millions as the soundtrack to the Premier League campaign on BT Sport.

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