Haarm – Better Friend EP

There are few words in the current musical lexicon that I’ve grown to detest more than ‘dropped‘. However, on this occasion, I can’t think of a better word to describe the latest release from Liverpool Indie-Electro trio Haarm. The impromptu Better Friend EP was surprise released on September 4th and follows a run of attention commanding singles. Notching up over 400,000 streams and featuring on a number of high profile UK-TV shows.

The Better Friend EP sees them emerge as a fully formed talent, one that looks set to not only take on the world, but win. With the current glut of Indie Synth-Pop doing the rounds, this EP towers above its contemporaries. One that was forged however in tragic circumstances. Chris McIntosh of the band offers a glimpse into the personal subject matter that forms much of the new EP:

“Title track ‘Better Friend’ and ‘Can We Keep The Light On?’ in particular are both about the loss of two friends that we’ve lost recently in two very different but very tragic circumstances”

With the opening choral hooks of Better Friend, this glistening but wrenching track carries the watermark of Moby, Jungle, Chvrches and invokes Les Rhythm Digitales’ classic Sometimes. With Can We Keep The Light On?, the mellifluous vocal melody of Jen Davies and Chris McIntosh guides us through the slow struggle of the grieving process. Closing out with a cover of Everything, Everything’s I Believe It Now, this instantly anthemic tune is the title music for this season’s Premier League Soccer campaign in the UK. No doubt embedding the sound of Haarm into the minds of millions.

It’s no accident that Haarm are picking up so much media and radio playlisting. Their attractive and engaging sound works on so many levels. With releases like this, it appears their success will follow suit.

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