Glasgow’s Hairband release self-titled EP

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Forged in the city’s vibrant DIY scene, Glasgow’s Hairband today release their 5 track, self-titled debut EP. Deeply embedded in the scene, Hairband features members from Spinning Coin, Breakfast Muff, Lush Purr and Kaputt. With a songwriting roster that is five deep, Hairband couple this with a triple line of guitars. Rowan Wright and Simone Wilson joined by singer and guitarist Rachel Taylor to deftly weave a latticework of chords and licks over the pulsing rhythm section of Sephi Lock and Emma Smith.

Recorded at Glasgow’s Green Door Studios, Hairband opens up with Bee. This intertwining dance of chord and riff sounds at first, off kilter before falling into perfectly into place. Towering, harmonized vocals augment the complex rhythms that echo with the dis-jointed cadences of The Feelies or Josef K.  Hairband lures you into thinking this will be blueprint for second track Bubble Sword. However, the chorus provides an open space for the guitars to charge down in what becomes a classic garage riff. Under these constant, effortless shifts, lies skillful musicianship and an impression that each note and space is meticulously crafted.

Photo: Alice Smith

Ode to remaining grounded Flying is a tightly layered piece of pop perfection. Ringing with a sound reminiscent of fellow Glaswegians The Vaselines.  Its captivating vocal coda is immediately infectious. The vibrato guitar motif of White Teeth is fleshed by an expansive bassline and tangling riffs. It reverberates with a darkly classic Morricone sound that continues into final track Sassy Moon. It’s atmospheric and chockfull of hooks. Slowly gathering pace and urgency, its vocal transforms from a casual question to a strained demand.

Hairband is five tracks of exquisite songwriting by five adroit performers. With the same craftsmanship that’s gone into crafting every intertwining note and riff used to place these tracks on the order they appear. While Hairband could easily be a collection of singles, its five tracks mesh together like their weaving riffs to form an utterly enjoyable and formidable EP .

Hairband is released 19th October on Monorail Music and can be ordered here

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