Fil Bo Riva takes inspiration from Manchester on Go Rilla

fil bo riva go rilla new single
Photo: Juliane Spaethe

Rome born, Dublin raised and residing in Berlin. Fil Bo Riva is an artist who might otherwise slip through our editorial net. However, his new single Go Rilla is inspired by one of our favorite venues, Manchester’s Gorilla. Although a relatively new venue, in a city steeped in musical history. Gorilla is rapidly writing itself into the Manchester music legend.

“It was raining outside and I was in the bathroom just before soundcheck… somehow I started staring at this poster of the club we were playing called „Gorilla Club“. I don’t know why but I just got a flash inspiration, took my phone out to record what I had in mind”

Converging at the textbook balance point of indie and pop. The bright, shining guitars will have you pining for the summer months. Surely destined to be radio favorite, Go Rilla’s perfectly produced choral hooks will lift spirits and floor gas pedals. After honing his musical skills busking on the streets of Berlin, Fil Bo Riva started picking up support slots for the likes of Matt Corby and Aurora. A meeting with producer Robert Stephenson resulted in the release of his debut EP, If You’re Right, It’s Alright, in 2016. Selling old-out shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Fil Bo Riva wrote the track while in Manchester supporting Joan As A Policewoman in 2016

Accompanied by a visually unconventional and compelling video, Film Bo Riva spoke of it’s creation:

“I’ve always loved movies from the 60s like “Blow Up“ by Antonioni or “Help!“ by Richard Lester and the whole look of it. But what I loved the most was that little weird mystery behind it and the strange humor that somehow attracts you and you don’t know why. Go Rilla as a song was certainly inspired by the feeling of unbridled passion and the rapturous idea of escaping the real world and I wanted to somehow translate this kind of „other world“ into the video for the song and the album in general. A few weeks ago I got to know Marie, who ended up directing this video, and we got talking… we really liked her past work so we told her about our vision of creating a story concept that would combine more songs. Some of the new tracks actually morph into the other so we tried to created a whole story around it. Soon after we flew to London to record the video and found ourselves in the middle of this huge crew including so many great actors, dancers and some friends. Thank you all! This is gonna be the first part of a continuing story and we hope you’ll love like we do.”

Recently nominated for Best Singer/Songwriter at Music Moves Europe Talent Awards  Fil Bo Riva has sold out three tours throughout 2017-2018, all without releasing an debut album. A debut full length release is however, set for early next year.

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