Fergus releases debut EP, Purple Road

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London based singer songwriter Fergus has released his debut EP Purple Road on Goldun Egg Records. The 7 Track EP features previous singles You Or Nothing, Sinking and Willow together with new lead single Nobody Knows. Produced by Jake Gosling (Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, The Libertines) Purple Road is an EP that’s a  singularly coherent piece of work. Playing out more like an album.

After spending his is formative years singing and touring professionally with choirs and playing cello with orchestras. Fergus eventually found himself burnt out. After spending a few years in reflection. Fergus began a period of solid songwriting and discovering his own sound. Speaking about Purple Road, Fergus said:

“The ‘Purple Road’ navigates a journey of complex emotions and enabled an unburning of emotional torment… I also wanted this collection of songs to convey a kind of toughness that only comes from being constantly vulnerable.”

Opening with the melancholic Sinking, Fergus’ haunting voice wheels and rises around a simple guitar riff. His exquisite voice conjures wonderful and dark imagery. Falling deep for somebody and becoming at the mercy of a rising tide that threatens to drag you under. Lead single Nobody Knows sees Fergus’ delicate vocal soaring over a gently pulsating synth.  As harmonies slowly weave their web around you.

Choral interlude Fool leads into the bright guitar melody of new track Crutches. Once again, seeing Fergus laying his own insecurities bare in his raw and introspective lyrics. Previous single You or Nothing is a magnificently spacious track that’s built around wonderful a vocal hook. While final track on the EP Willow combines an infectious guitar riff and vocal into an inescapable, beautiful barb.

The Purple Road EP is an emotional voyage through the turmoil of shattered relationships, self-doubt and despair. A thoroughly engaging piece of work by an artist who’s spellbinding voice and naked vulnerability keeps you captivated from start to finish.

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