Drool new single ‘Junkyard’

Drool release their latest single Junkyard based on a conversation between two people, one asking for help and the other refusing to listen. That is the thing that the listener will be able to relate to, as at some point we have all tried to get someone to listen to what we have to say. And when dealing with people like that, it can feel like you have hit a brick wall.

Drool are a band that sound like something right out of the 90s grunge scene with a 60s garage pop spirit. Drum beats and discordant guitar sounds help to create a great sound and one that is perfect for the band. Already making a name for themselves as an explosively exciting live act, Drool are looking for be one of the unmissable acts at this year’s Camden Rocks Festival June 2nd.

Junkyard draws the listeners in, as it has a brash and brutal sound at times. Together with being totally mesmeric and having a great melody that you will want to listen to the entire record. At times it sounds like a wall of sound with cut glass guitar breaks that lead to a crashing crescendo. Which is perfect for the sound the band are going for with Junkyard. Junkyard is the follow up to the band’s single Fun and will be released on an EP in May 2019

Drool are:

  • Joey Rogers (Vox/Guitar)
  • Martin Soderin (Drums)
  • Joe Bennison (Bass)
  • Louis Greenway (Guitar)

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