Discover Liverpool’s worst kept secret, Seprona.

Liverpool’s Seprona are a four piece made up of Daniel Badger (Vocals/Guitar) Sammy Issa (Guitar) Tom Larkin (Bass) and Joe Grove (Drums). I discovered Seprona in a sort of word of mouth way and when I was first told about the band I did not know what to expect. I’m glad I had no preconceived ideas about the band, thus meaning the music was able to do the talking which is not always the case with certain bands/musicians.

When you first hear Seprona, it would be easy to dismiss them as just another generic indie band. Yet to me, what sets Seprona apart are the vocals of Daniel Badger. There are the things you would expect and want with this style of music, yet the song Fragile is slightly more stripped back and gives the band the chance to showcase Badger’s vocal talents. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a rock/indie element to the song. Yet compared to other tracks by the band, there is certain vulnerability which is nice to see.

For all that, Seprona may not be very well known in a commercial sense. Over the past few years, the interest in their music has steadily risen as their track How Much Time was played on BBC radio 2 for a number of weeks. Giving listeners who liked the song the opportunity to discover more of the band’s work. Together with Slow Down being used on daily morning TV show This Morning, which is a which attracts a good audience each day. With their music being used in such a public platform this helps people discover the band’s work and get the recognition it deserves.

Until hearing about Seprona a while ago, I had never heard of the band and to me that is a shame. As Seprona are a band with some great music and great style. For me, despite the fact their music has been used on a bigger platform, more people should know about this band. Their music is simply better than some of the chart music we are fed and told to shut up and enjoy. Even if it is awful rubbish.

A band that have been together for a while now, have continuously worked hard on their music as well as touring to help build a fanbase. If they continue to make music in a similar vein to their previous work, I don’t see why they cannot go onto have success on a big scale as they music would definitely warrant it.

With some pre-tour dates coming up soon, if you’re in the UK, go see Seprona live and decide for yourself.

8th March – Stafford Redrum

9th March – St Helen’s Tank

15th March – Newbridge Inn (PubbyMcPubFace) this name is no joke

29th March – Liverpool Zanzibar (Single Launch)

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