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Denton Thrift
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Meeting as music students at the University of Leeds, Conor Jordan and Jess Mollie first began collaborating musically while spending a year studying in Denton, Texas. This town would later be the inspiration for their guise of Denton Thrift. Writing in a collaborative approach that often evolves from an idea or a loop written before rehearsal, their music incorporates samples and environmental sounds. Creating rich vocal harmonies over ethereal synths, Denton Thrift make soothing soundcapes that also grab you by the ears.

Now based back in Leeds, the experimental duo started to command interest with the release of singles Fear of the Night and a wonderfully stripped back cover of Sade’s Sweetest Taboo. August 17 sees the release of their debut 4 track EP Sight on Majestic Causal Records. Speaking of the release, Conor and Jess say;

Sight draws on a series of conversations surrounding mental health and how it affects relationships while obscuring self reflection, thus not allowing for beneficial change. Journeying between crisis and realisation ‘Sight’ explores the hardships of emotional introspection during a period of immense personal distress.

Opening track Confessional is written from the perspective of someone struggling with mental illness while trying to keep a relationship together. Conor takes the lead vocal while the panning electronic beats of this track are built upon with warm, swirling synthesizer and layered vocals. Rising like a tide that envelops you, sweeping you away.

If Confessional was the tide that swept you away, Something Real is the water that laps at the shore. However, under the gentle lulling sound, the undercurrent grows darker and the vocal more anguished. The content of the song addressing the period in a relationship where the breakdown is inevitable. Third track First Light is slickly produced with feel that’s reminiscent of The XX. The vocals are soulful and gently glide over percussion that sounds like a soothing industrial process. Choral tones overture a heartbeat bass on final track Sight. Highlighting the way depression clouds and obscures the ability to remain objective in difficult circumstances, it makes wonderful use of space. Every pause seemingly crafted with the same meticulous precision as the rest of this EP.

The way these tracks build every vocal, every note, every beat makes them a joy to listen to. However, don’t let the preciseness of its production distract you from two excellent voices. This is a brilliant, polished debut and one that leaves you excited to hear what the duo will deliver in the (hopefully near) future.

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