Danny Goffey – Schtick!

Since calling time on Supergrass, drummer Danny Goffey seems to have certainly found enough to occupy himself.  He’s collaborated with musical titans such as Paul McCartney, Paul Weller and Thom Yorke, as well as a couple of years behind the kit for Pete Doherty’s Babyshambles. 2015 saw him release Take Your Jacket Off and Get into It under the guise of Vangoffey. A 10 track album of bounding pop missiles with snappy, sardonic lyrics, it certainly sounded like he was having fun.

But while Vangoffey collared the subjects of family life and domestication, the first release under his own name Schtick! tackles the grander themes of of religion and mental health while turning its eye to Lad Culture and mindless violence.

Co-produced by longtime collaborator Simon Byrt, the record has retrospective feel as Goffey plays with the spikey sounds of his childhood influences. Album opener Let It Happen has staccato guitar, throbbing bass line and a vocal that all amalgamate to sound like a Scary Monsters David Bowie, whereas Ancient Text has a more Gang of Four style to it and features Suede’s Brett Anderson on backing vocals. March saw the release of singles Buzzkiller, which is more resonant of the Goffey co-written Supergrass single Caught by the Fuzz and Sick Holiday which returns to the sound explored with Vangoffey while taking aim at the Brits on the Piss culture of Lager and sunshine package tours.

The spoken word delivery featured on Take Your Jacket Off and Get into It takes us through Cosmic Bob and the upbeat I Can’t Leave It Alone is a great piece of sub 3-minute punk pop reminiscent of The Buzzcocks. 3 Day Bender has the fun tongue in cheek lyrics that have become synonymous with Goffey while still grappling with weightier themes and is a great piece of production. If this track isn’t slated for a single release, it should be. To be fair though, a majority of the tracks on this album would work well as single releases. The self explanatory title of I’m Done (Trying to be Young) is a testament to the acceptance of aging over an 80’s Coventry style sound. Oh Yes, Hey Hey sees us out with its aspirations to beak free of the shackles of an internet dominated modern life imagined in the cosmic style of a Piper at The Gates of Dawn era Pink Floyd.

Schtick! is a gratifying interpretation of modern society. Encapsulating an insightful take on the world and rendering them as eyebrow raising three minute wonders that have a classic feel but are still intrinsically Goffey.

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