Charlene Soraia – Where’s My Tribe

Where’s My Tribe is the haunting new single from Charlene Soraia. Recorded alone in her south London flat, this one voice, one guitar track shines with the majesty that most artists struggle to achieve with an army of producers. However, the purity of the process only goes to amplify the beauty of Soraia’s voice. Underpinned by the reverberating simplicity of her solo guitar.

The first release from her forthcoming album due in January, Where’s My Tribe will resonate with anyone who’s ever felt increasingly isolated in our progressively hyper connected world. Speaking about the track, Charlene said

Where’s My Tribe is about feeling separate to the world and continuously chasing this impossible dream of feeling like I belong. This concept runs throughout the album and my life, whether it’s in relation to people, places or things. Other daydreamers, deep thinkers and loners will know this separate reality; it’s actually where I create most of my art. The chorus reflects on losing oneself to the proverbial rabbit holes and other fantastical avoidance tendencies. There’s also a secret lyric line I will only ever sing live- it was far too strange to commit to the record, but I’ve really come to love it and understand it since! Anyways, high five if you’ve heard it- I love a bit of artistic mystery…!”

A former BRIT School student, Charlene came to national attention after scoring an  accidental hit when her cover of Wherever You Will Go by The Calling was featured in a Twinings commercial. Where’s My Tribe sees Charlene return to her roots, playing guitar and singing self-penned songs. Unadorned, unmediated, alone. Straight from the heart.

Charlene Soraia’s album is slated for release January 25th, 2019 via Peacefrog Records.

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