Carmen Villain – Both Lines Will Be Blue

Who is Carmen Villain? There’s no doubt that she is cooler than you and definitely cooler than me. In search of information to unmask the mystique, any biographical information is elusive and her instagram displays an experience that is wholly hers, most noticeable in short videos of her performances where the audience is thoroughly confused by what they’re witnessing but Miss Villain has command of her sound and stage. To exist in a transcendental vortex of sound the way she does says maybe I would follow her down a dark alley knowing I’d never come out.

The music is of this earth and other galaxies, combining elements of life with a spectrum beyond, specifically the ending song Impossible Colour, which is what I imagine doing yoga in a german salt mine is like. The ghost of John Bonham ghost fuels the drum beat on Type and the middle eastern chanting on Are You for Real? would make Ridley Scott jealous. I wouldn’t exactly put on Carmen Villain’s Both Lines Will Be Blue for a dance party, but if you’re summoning the devil or just staring into a starry night, then fuck yeah.

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