André Bratten – Pax Americana

You could go through life without André Bratten’s latest Pax Americana, but why would you want to? At times a gloriously playful soundtrack to life while others an introspective emotional response to how life feels. The titillating high hats on the opening track, HS, ripple through the body. Don’t be surprised if you’re dancing alone in your living room, but we recommend a partner.

Title track Pax Americana has an undulating pulse that provokes the ponderance of existence and I could fall asleep  a peaceful man each night to its rhythmic sounds. There’s a familiar feel to track Recreation 26B reminiscent of INXS’s classic subdued, Mediate. Industrial ambient is close to an apt description of the album in its entirety, but this is an album you can listen to when you want to get shit done in your life. There are ebbs and flows of energy that light the fire then give you the peaceful space to enjoy it. I love this album!

Pax Americana is released June 28th and can Pre-Ordered HERE.

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