An Earthly interview with Henge

There are few human words to adequately describe the Henge experience. Coming in the name of rave to bring songs of space travel, the intergalactic band evoke a joyous celebration of life, encouraging humans to end war, save their species and colonise space. 

Following last month’s release of their debut album, ‘Attention Earth!‘ we caught up with the band’s founder, Zpor, for a quick chat.

You’ve recently released your first album (on Earth at least), ‘Attention Earth!’, how does that feel?

We feel glad to be delivering our message to mankind through this new record – there’s no time to waste. The future of humanity hangs in the balance!

As well as writing about the human race, your music also bring us stories from the solar system and beyond, where do you find your inspiration?

You can find inspiration EVERYWHERE! Just look around you. Drink it in! The universe is massive … the more you learn the more you will be inspired. If you look inward, fixated on your own feelings then the content of your art will be boring.

One of your tracks is called Humans, do you have any favourite humans?

Our favourite human – Professor Stephen Hawking – died earlier this year. He talked of humanity’s need to look into space for their salvation. Your species would be wise to heed his words!

You have a series of live performances coming up and Henge have a reputation for putting on spectacular live shows, do you have any special plans for your upcoming gigs?

On December 8th we will be playing at Gorilla in Manchester. This will be the climactic moment of our 6 week UK tour and our final show of the year. We are playing twice: with an extra show in the daytime so that children will be able to attend with their families. After the evening performance there will be a free after party for ticket holders that will continue way past bedtime. These gatherings will see the proliferation of joy amongst human beings. We will dance together. We will raise our voices in unison and demand peace!

 With so much interplanetary travel involved, the Henge schedule must be fairly punishing, how do you cope with that and do you still get on well as a band?

We get on extremely well. Our shared mission creates a strong bond that only gets stronger as we play music together.

What do you do to unwind?

Sit down for a while.

Why are you called Henge?

The ‘HENGE’ after which we are named was our rendezvous point on Planet Earth; an ancient stone circle where I, Zpor, and my extra-terrestrial travelling companions met our human contact, Grok. We had previously made contact with Grok in the astral realm and the human was able to arrange our safe landing on your dangerous, militarised planet.

Finally, humankind appears to be entering a divisive and uncertain time, do you have any important advice for us earthlings?

Educate your young and foster empathy. Demilitarise your planet, unite your species and colonise space!

Attention Earth! is available to buy now

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