“Alexa, play Beans On Toast’s new single Alexa…”

New Beans On Toast single Alexa sees Jay McAllister cast an eye to the future of voice-activated Internet devices and the pervasiveness of tech behemoths. Delivered with his trademark funny and thought provoking style, Alexa is accompanied by an animated video, created with discarded Amazon boxes. Starting with the spoken interlude “This one’s got an intro that goes “ALEXA play Beans on Toast… ALEXA” so nobody can listen to it on their Amazon Echo”, although experience tells me you’ll just get “Hmm…I cannot find jeans in Toronto” as a response.

“I think everyone already knows where I stand on Trump and Brexit, and if not, they can listen to my last two albums. This album is more personal I guess, focusing on family and the world on my doorstep. That’s where my heads been this last year.”

Jay McAllister

Keeping with the tradition of releasing an album every year on his Birthday, Beans on Toast’s 10th Studio offering A Bird In The Hand will be available December 1st. Fittingly, for this 10th anniversary, Jay McAllister reunited with Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons. Who had previously produced Beans’ debut 50-track double album Standing On A Chair a decade ago. McAllister released first single from the album, ode to both his father and daughter Another Year, along with the album’s announcement.

A Bird in The Hand is a much more personal album than most previous Beans on Toast output. As well as the touching Another Year, Magic is written about the birth of his daughter and Here at Homerton Hospital is dedicated to the staff of the East London institution where she was born. However, this does not mark a move to more insular songwriting. There are still the funny and thought provoking tracks that are the Beans on Toast Trademark. With Bamboo Toothbrush addressing the plastic products polluting the earth. On the process, McAllister said:

A Bird in The Hand is released December 1st on CD / LP / Ltd Edition LP / DL via Beans on Toast Music and can be Pre-Ordered here

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