Axis Sova Shampoo You Album Review

Axis Sova Shampoo You
Photo: Grant Engstrom

Shampoo You is the third album to be released by Chicago’s Axis: Sova. Axis: Sova began life as the project of Brett Sova. With just Brett and his Roland TR66 releasing Early Surf  in 2015 and Motor Earth the following year. For this third outing, Axis: Sova added live performance mainstays Tim Kaiser on guitar and bassist Jeremy Friese to the permanent line up. Making Shampoo You first Axis: Sova album written, performed, and recorded live to tape as a three piece. Released November 16th on Ty Segall’s Drag City imprint, God? Records, Shampoo You is a vortex of reverberating guitars that churn a sea of influences.

The waters of garage, psychedelia and surf guitar of Dick Dale converge to sweep you away on a tide of feedback. From the opening of Terminal Holiday. Shampoo You takes biting riffs and misty synthesized beats down an acid washed kaleidoscope of mind-altering layers.

Sub three-minuter New Disguise reverberates with the sound of New Wave guitar heavyweights while Crystal Predictor uses three chords to an incredibly contagious effect. First single to be taken from the album Dodger opens with a fuzzed out guitar motif over a pentameter of choral vocals. Perfectly marrying a classic guitar sound with an industrial edged beat, the panning guitars make this a heady psychedelic brew.

Stale Green has a Faces style riff, but there’s a Bauhaus beat lurking in the background. It stalks its way through to Shock Recognition as a maelstrom of fuzz of feedback envelops around you.

Final track of the album Same Person Twice clocks in at a little less than seven minutes. However, the sonic wind that blows all the way through Shampoo You drops to create an echoing, sparse sound that’s brought to shore by a beautiful piano.

Shampoo You brings a more classic pop structure to Axis: Sova. In the process creating an enthralling album of intoxicating, psychedelic bliss.

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Axis: Sova Tour Dates

11/9 – Indianapolis, IN @ State Street Pub *
11/10 – Louisville, KY @ Zanzabar ^
11/13 – Rock Island, IL @ Rozz Tox
11/14 – Minneapolis, MN @ Eagles Club *
11/15 – Madison, WI @ Mickey’s *
11/16 – Chicago, IL @ The Hideout *

* w/ David Nance Group
^ w/ State Champion, David Nance Group